Who We Work With


Miles Media works with a variety of manufacturing companies both nationally and internationally to create high quality content and satisfy all marketing needs.

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We partner with your team to build a marketing plan that will highlight your products and services, whether that be in a brand video, motion graphic animation, client testimonial, direct mail service, or a combination of all! Our typical video package includes a production day, 4K cameras, four person camera team, pro audio and lighting rigs, and video production consulting by director and producer Lucas Miles. We have had the pleasure of working with companies such as Steel Warehouse, Vista Manufacturing, RAS Logistics, PolyJohn Manufacturing and many more to solve their complex brand and marketing needs.


Along with manufacturers, our team at Miles Media works closely with retailers to promote all kinds of products and goods. We treat each business differently and discover the best way to reach its intended market.

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We have advised on everything from product management on social media to creating high quality brand and commercial videos that highlight specific products and goods. Our team is equipped with and trained in all the necessary gear to film just about anything, from food, to fashion, to vehicles and much more. At Miles Media, we know there are many ways to reach your intended market, and we are here to help you find the most creative and efficient way for your company.

Small Businesses

Miles Media loves to work with small businesses in addition to larger companies.

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Most of our small business packages include a production day, 4K cameras, two person camera team, and pro audio and lighting rigs. Final products can be anything from a smaller brand video, marketing consultation, social media analysis, direct mail services and more. If your business needs a fresh, new look to bring in more customers, Miles Media can provide you with all the necessary tools to grow.


At Miles Media, we know that nonprofits help to foster and create change in our community, this is why we partner with them to make high quality content and highlight the important work that they do.

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We have worked with a variety of nonprofits in the area to support their work at a reduced price. If you are looking for a way to bring your mission to the public eye, Miles Media can help you achieve your goals.